Thursday, March 21, 2013


I like to think of diabetes as a disease that is always progressing. Whether the progression is good or bad, is harder to grasp. I think that you just sort of get used to being diabetic and constantly checking your blood sugar. All the things that come along with diabetes are so routine that you just don't complain about it. But then there are days when you just wonder why you had to be the one stuck with diabetes. The questions are constant and always at the back of your head but that's just it. They're at the back of your head. You don't always talk to people about it because no one really understands. Anyway, this topic of progression.

Years and years ago, if  you had diabetes, that was sort of like a death sentence. There wasn't very much technology, obviously, so the supplies to keep a diabetic as healthy as possible were very scarce. The treatments for keeping blood sugar levels steady consisted of diet and exercise. Eventually, insulin and meters came along. Then pumps and continuos glucose monitors. There are so many foods and drinks that a diabetic can have to, again, make their life as normal as possible. PROGRESS. Slowly but surely, there has been progress in the advancement of medicine and treatments for a diabetic. Hopefully, one day there will be a cure. That will be the greatest progression of all time. Diabetes makes me different than all my friends. It makes me have a quality that not many people have. It makes me who I am. But wouldn't it just be great to not be diabetic for a while?! Let's keep hoping for progress and keep fighting for a cure!

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