Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Diaversary

Okay so June 1st was my diaversary and I completely forgot. May 31st was my brother's wedding so I was super busy with all kinds of, I don't know, wedding stuff. I probably checked my blood sugar twice that day. I'm a bad diabetic. Whatever, sue me. I got home around 1 am and I literally passed out within five minutes. But let's get to June 1st.

I woke up at 8 and had breakfast with my mom. We went to see a play that my god son was in at noon then parted ways. I took my god son bowling because he "just needs to go bowling right now." He's 5. Yes, 5.While we were at the bowling alley, I met another diabetic. She was 16 and had just been diagnosed with type 1 three weeks ago. She was there with her younger brother who was 6 so we let them bowl together but separately if that makes any sense. They had a competition to see who could get the most "numbers" at the end of the game. While they played, we talked. She expressed that she was scared and that she hated needles. She had been checking her blood sugar regularly like the doctor told her to and logging her numbers. Her a1c at diagnosis was 14 point something. So I explained to her that diabetes is hard and never gets easier but it gets better. You get used to it. I told her that I was still scared to go to the doctor and that the 5 second count down on the meter seems like an eternity. But I wanted her to know that she can do this! I told her to go to the You Can Do This Project and to think about becoming a part of the DOC. I gave her the web address to my blog. I reminded her that she is never alone. I gave her my phone number and email address and told her to feel free to contact me if she ever doubted herself or if she had any questions regarding anything diabetes. I don't normally give out my personal information to strangers but it felt right. She needed a friend, a diabetic friend. I felt like I should be that for her. So I did it. We hugged. I reminded her that everything would be okay and to stay strong. And with that, my god son and I left the bowling alley. He asked if he could sleep over and I couldn't resist bonding time with my favorite little kid. We went out to dinner and back to my house for a Spongebob marathon. It was the perfect day.

The next morning I drove him home before I went to work and I went on with my normal routine.

Fast forward to today. June 9th. I realized that I had missed my diaversary. I looked at my calendar and thought back on the things I did that day. And I smiled. I had no idea that I met another diabetic on the same day I was diagnosed but I was glad I did. I was able to help out a fellow diabetic that was in the exact same position I was in 4 years ago. That day was also a good day blood sugar wise. I stayed within my target range and I didn't battle with any nasty lows, although I woke up with a 69.

Seriously, how awesome is that?! Today I was reminded why I should never give up and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Diabetes does not always leave you alone and in the darkness. You find people that are just like you and you remember to smile. I know I'm smiling right now. I'm glad I met that young lady. I hope she finds her way and reaches out if she ever needs help.

Here's to four years of diabetes!

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